The way I practice Shiatsu massage always depends on the needs of each person. Shiatsu is an ancient technique, known as a highly therapeutic oriental massage, but goes far beyond that: it is a language, a dialogue between two vital energies, a therapy physical and energy rebalance.

Through pressure from the fingers, mainly the thumbs and palms applied in certain areas and points of the body, internal dysfunctions are corrected. In addition to a great relaxation massage is primarily a therapeutic massage was developed to treat and is remarkable in preventing, generates health.

They highlight some benefits of massage such as:
* Relaxation tissue
* Improves the circulatory system
* Eases muscle system
* Facilitates the functions of the digestive system
Improves the control of the endocrine system
* Regulates the functions of the nervous system
* Help the recovery of the bone system balance

Zen Shiatsu

The Shiatsu techniques can be applied therapeutically to specifically treat disorders or tensions but, however, can be applied more smoothly and their stretching - Zen Shiatsu - that make massage a moment of great relaxation, satisfaction and release voltage of all the tissues and joints of the body.
When applied in Zen mode, the Shiatsu massage proves to be a truly pleasant wellness proportioning and unique relaxation time.