The method I use is Usui Shiki Ryoho; was with him I met the wonderful world of this healing energy.

The Reiki as we know it today, is a holistic, natural and alternative therapy, rediscovered by MikaoUsui in the early twentieth century. It is a Japanese - therapy based on manipulation of vital energy for physical, mental and spiritual healing, being unrelated to any religion or ideology.

It can be very beneficial in addition to any conventional treatment, since only influences how the body generates its own energy reserves, helping you to compensate and balance. The balance is, the body creates more effective conditions for the process of self-healing.

Through the laying on of hands, are radiated harmony of vibrations of the vital energy of the universe (King) to restore the balance of vital energy (Ki). Personally provided that complete all Reiki levels, come to apply this extraordinary energy in combination with all other therapies that use. It offers calm, peace and joy,conventions of a peaceful society.