Magic starts from the moment the Tarot cards meet their position, for each reading allows you to detect specific situations on issues such as relationships, family, work, money, health.

When I meet someone who asks for a Tarot Reading, I truly feel that that meeting is taking place because there's something I have to tell that person. Information. Words to help and guide, I basically use this magical tool as an unconventional therapy.

As I got to know this mystic art, I realized I had something that allowed me to help people, clarify them, give them opportunities to get to know themselves and awaken consciousness levels that allow greater creativity and clarity in the approach of the most varied issues including some complicated to understand and overcome.

The session consists in 3 parts: The first spread, Celtic Cross, is from the past to the present-oriented, the second spread is theZodiac, from the present to the future-oriented. After these two spreads the person may ask specific questions or issues in case they have not been clarified in the previous readings.

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