We all have psychic abilities, whether we chose to acknowledge them or not. So we are all psychic beings. Not all of us are mediums, yes, but there are more people with this ability that we may think. Because most of people don't even try to find out if either or not they have this tool available, I can say that the world has many unknown mediums out there. I understand mediumship to be a human quality, for some. As these people can be more or less aware of it, can have special or normal abilities, or even might want to know about mediumship or not.

The epiphany of being a medium, or to be able to communicate with the spirit world was so clear to me and at the same time unexpected, that I realized the spirits were communicating with me for a long time while I would think it was all just in my head. I say this to show the subtlety of the communication that takes place between humans and others in the other planes of existence.

Actually it´s a recurring theme, the communication with spirits and is pleasant to know it´s as natural as thinking about someone, someone we don´t know and they present themselves by transmitting images, bodily sensations, feelings and even scents or aromas. Everything is received and experienced at a level that is beyond the physical.

Everyone can and should in my opinion, have an understanding of their psychic abilities and eventually, mediumship. Although if they desire to develop it or not is a very personal choice, as is its practical application. The work I do with others in order to develop their psychic abilities and mediumship consists of specific practical exercises at a sensory and psychic level.

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