Eva Mendonça

One day I felt a calling


"One day I felt a calling. A part of me was deciding my future. And I asked. I asked for help to “see” the signs. The signs that would build an invisible bridge on which I walked without fear that the next plank would be missing. I learnt to walk, with confidence, without solid ground and with my eyes blind folded. I still follow that same path and will do so whilst I’m still here. I chose to open the unknown paths within others that cross my very own path, so they too can walk without a solid groundunder their feet, knowing that every path opens a reserved destiny and destination.

And I fell in love without knowing. I could not live without it, this path that gives meaning to my life. Without it I would not be who I am. I would not do what I do. And it is nothing more than a profound and entire trust and surrender. Coming from within myself. And when I observe myself by the forces that guide me, I become emotional. I am not me, I am “them”. And how beautiful it is to feel them honour their purpose through me. Yes, I have the best “bosses” in the world. Omnipresent. It’s an ecstatic feeling knowing that it is not me, but they, that reveal themselves through me, and here I feel complete. I know a lot more than I imagine and therefore allow myself to imagine.

Everything. And all this exists. All the knowledge is within us, but we need to know how to choose the path of knowledge without deviating more than necessary. Everything is as everything should be. And the sky is so far from being the limit."




Magic starts from the moment the Tarot cards meet their position, for each reading allows you to detect specific situations on issues such as relationships, family, work, money, health.



The place, date and time of birth establishes a "picture" of the position of the planets of our solar system, at the time of birth, which leads to a unique combination of angles and geometries between planets, signs and houses, which represent psychological aspects, challenges and learning opportunities.


Frequency Crystal

It´s very beautiful to realize that althou it´s a soft process, it´s also deeply transformative of the way we experience our day to day emotions.


Courses Workshops

Currently there is a growing demand for inner peace and self-knowledge that can help us understand who we are, what really brought us here and what our purpose. Tarot courses, Workshops on astrology, Psychic and mediumship unfoldment & Reiki Initiations.