Crystal frequency activation

In March of 2015 on a normal afternoon I was taken to a place that resides in another dimension where I received an energetic activation of my heart chakra in which I was infused with the crystalline frequency. I was told that from that moment onwards I would start to feel thru my crystalline heart. It was a very deep experience, full of details and meaning. I was not alone and I immediately shared the experience with my friend, my Soul Sister.

Many synchronistic events began to happen since that moment, some were very significant and decisive. A year and a half later, while I was preparing to radically change my life, and without much after thoughts relative to the activation I received, I was prompted to activate two other people and realized I would be doing these activations for others in general and would also be preparing others so they could activate others.

Through a meditational ritual, the person is taken to a dimension where the activation takes place and then is brought back with the crystalline frequency activated in their heart chakra. The crystalline frequency is composed of the known color spectrum and also of other un-kown colors to us. The activation of these rays, of each color, harmonizes with the anchored vibration of the planet at the level of our perception and how we understand it thru what we feel and sense. We synchronize the way we process feelings and sensations with the vibration which is helping in the planetary ascension process.

It´s very beautiful to realize that althou it´s a soft process, it´s also deeply transformative of the way we experience our day to day emotions. There is a lovely lucid quality in the crystalline frequency that makes everything easier to understand. There is an inner knowing that everything is just as it should be and everything is allright. We can be surprised at realizing that we had not yet realized how simple it is to accept, forgive and tolerate whatever life presents to us rather than resist or take another course of action. The thought process is suprised by the emotional response from the heart which is percetly aligned with what it truly is.

There is a visceral tranquility in saying no to what we don´t want and in accepting the fact we are Souls in the material world. That we have the right to be human, imperfect and that we are here to master ourselves, with awareness of our unique orchestras and all that is implied in our experience on Earth.