I understand Coaching as a process between the person seeking counseling and the coach, or facilitator, in wich emotional, psychological and strategic aspects are worked so that the person can have the necessary means to achieve their goals.

In fact, we all go through phases when, making decisions, overcome challenges, set goals and paths it's not easy for us and in which we can feel without the necessary resources to tread paths or overcoming limitations, under guidance, it can be more easily achieved. The coach acts as a facilitator who helps the person to get in touch with the necessary resources to able him to achieve the wanted status.

There are requirements for the process of coaching to be effective and the desired results successfully achieved. For these requirements to be gathered and the coaching process to be functional, the coach should have full knowledge of the necessary techniques and postures ensuring that the rapport established with each client is the gateway to the whole process. Rapport is understood by the coach as an established, trusted environment and sync with the client that allows the openness and delivery required. Once the state of resources required is created by the coach, and the rapport with the client established, it opens up a huge potential between the client and the coach that will contribute to the success of the intended process.




Neurolinguistics’ Programming brings all together a series of techniques highly effective in the coaching’s process. The NPL techniques were developed specifically in order to contact directly with the unconscious level, using the resources that we need and reach with them the desired state. The PNL assumes that we possess all the resources needed to achieve the pretended goals, and if they were correctly installed at the unconscious level, they will act in order to bring better results for the individual.

The therapeutic process precisely defines the current person state, the desired one to be achieved and, working with the PNL techniques in order to that desired state could be reached through the several PLN techniques that are available.




The clinical hypnosis is based on relaxing techniques that allows the contact with the unconscious in a very effective manner. The person is taken into an altered state of conscience, where the unconscious is available and receptive to desired suggestions and previously agreed based on the pretended goal, without losing the conscience and the control of the situation.

The state or hypnosis trance is induced by the therapist in order to introduce into the person, the necessary suggestions to be able to achieve what is pretended, and it is important to highlight that the person is conscientious of the whole process and won’t be forced to do anything against their wishes. The hypnotic state doesn’t bring the person into an unconscious situation.



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