"Astrology is a path of self-discovery with great potential."

The place, date and time of birth establishes a "picture" of the planets position of our solar system at the time of birth, which leads to a unique combination of angles and geometries between planets, signs and houses. This combination represents psychological aspects, challenges and learning opportunities, through the dynamic that is generated among the various astrological elements.

The analysis of the astrological chart can, surprisingly, awake some issues that the person might recognize altought are held unconciously, making possible epiphanies and consciousness events. My astrological approach is mainly from the psychological point of view and the goal is to help the person to achieve, in terms of self-awareness, its qualities and capabilities, even through obstacles and conflicts that challenge us.

A personalized review of all the personal planets in the chart. I can also address some significant transits to give a more in-depth idea of consultant type of astrological influences which are occurring at the moment, that marked important periods and those that will occur in the near future.


Very useful to understand the nature of the complexity of the dynamics in relationships. This anaylisis can be very helpful to understand the relation potential, through conflict and harmony. The individual aspects of each person and the nature of the relationship itself, for their part, reveal important aspects to be analysed, in order to find an harmonious way of integration of both personalities.

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